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Pack The Park

TIME Magazine (News Feed)

"Can On the Road be the next P90X or Tae Bo for the hipster set?"

"In what will come as a relief to those who resent the peppiness of cheesy, upbeat exercise videos, Vernon’s testimony is as direct and dry as they come..."

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MTV The Hive

"I stuck out my hand to shake goodbye, and received both a hug and a high five in return. It’s too bad that his class normally takes place in Wisconsin, as going there multiple times a week might help me meet my fitness goals..."

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The Gothamist

"Exercising is a lifelong process between you and your body which makes it crucial that you find routines that make you comfortable and keep you coming back."

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"If this clip wasn’t so earnest — sciatica is a problem, people! — I’d have a little bit more to make fun of, but the honesty and candor of the this workout DVD trailer that Bon Iver’s in for some reason freezes me out. I’ve embraced it; thanks to Justin’s workout plan, I’m the envy of all my friends! Ooh, I’m so excited."

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MTV Newsroom

"We think it’s pretty awesome that a band with as much indie cred as Bon Iver would set aside any notions of what’s “cool” for them to do to help out a buddy who helped them out before they were big. We always knew Justin Vernon and his small-town crew were great guys!"

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Volume One

"I want to convey that this DVD isn't ironic and it's not just for hipsters. It's about Jeff Rogers' philosophy that fitness and living a healthy lifestyle should be engrained in everyone."

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